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a tricky situation; a conundrum
i love him and he loves her and she's my mom.... it's a pickle.
by juliachrista February 11, 2004
The first online sex toy company, ever. Created in 1989, JT's Stockroom supplies BDSM equipment and the best in sexual technology to the entire world via the intra-web.
<boy>what do you want for christmas, honey?
<girl>i want a strap-on.
<boy>Hook it up! (www.stockroom.com)
<girl>I'm gonna poke you in the bum!
by juliachrista February 11, 2004
a combination of evangelical and genitals resulting in one of the greatest bands to ever grace this earth. fronted by the Reverend juliachrista
<boy>what are you doing tonight?
<girl>going to mr t's bowl to hear the evangenitals
<boy>RAWK! can I come?
<girl>let's get married!
by juliachrista February 11, 2004
(pronounced "super-claw-bra") an enigmatic lobster-clawed soup-can looking bra-wearing chupacabra-esque monstrosity which is rapped about by the hip-hop duo 'The SouperKlawBrazzz', written about in the cryptozological comic 'The Paranoid Freakly' and feared by small children world wide.
Kid: "Daddy, I'm scared."
Dad: "You should be. There's a SouperKlawBra under your bed, Kid!"
by juliachrista August 19, 2006

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