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(n) a triple pack of pillows found on my fiance's side of the bed; always found compressed together from overuse. The younger sister is typically deformed and crooked in its case from owner abuse; oldest sister is large and square with two younger sisters in front.
Jordan: Your taking up the whole fuckin bed with that goddamn lesbian pillow pack. Move the three sisters over please.

Spencer: Your just jealous because the gays are dying of aids and jealous of the three sisters
by jsobs January 27, 2010
(n); double-stack of pillows usually glued tightly together because of overuse; never separated and always together one on top of the other, like a gay couple
related to the "three sisters" group of pillows found on my fiance's side of the bed.
Jordan: I have had it with the three sisters. They take up the whole bed. Move your lesbian pillow pack
Spence: Oh you and the gays be quiet.
by jsobs January 27, 2010

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