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the illest cheesesteak establishment in the world. home to the original cheesesteak & way greater than its faux paux competitors (tony luke, gino, etc.)
we're gunna swing by pats before the game & pick up some steaks, ite?!
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
the whip of all whips, a 1995 chevrolet beretta. two doors, mass legroom, stained rear passenger side seat is pretty much the fully loaded formula; that is, along with some classic wu & empties in the mix.
"hop in the beretta."
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
a person who is often quiet, or one who is quiet at the present time. the term is derived from the classic nintendo James Bond video game series.
q: yo is dwyer heated?

a: he must be, he's been silenced pp7 all night.
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
a slice of world famous mack & manco's pizza topped with spinach & tomatoes.

the roots of this term are derived from the legendary mack & manco shorthand made famous in the long, hot summers endured at the flagship ninth street locale.
"I need christmas cuts, back."
by jsnyd September 26, 2005
the o.g. owner of seaville, new jersey's 'sea grove' campground. most usually spotted on a green golf cart, bottle in hand, hiding his cigarettes like a bitch.
q: who you got us the bub. . . peregene?

a: but, of course..
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
the main thoroughfare in seaville, new jersey's SEA GROVE CAMPGROUND in which mass parties have been hosted as of late.

also the site of a short but dangerous brawl in which a young squadron can hang their hats on.
'there's some bangin french bitches in dogwood 1.'
'let's see them.'
by jsnyd October 04, 2005
encompassing the worst of all sensation(s); the manifestation of bunk .
q: how were those fresh cuts, son?
a: i'm not gunna lie, they were mcgriddlesauce.
by jsnyd September 26, 2005

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