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18 definitions by jsnyd

encompassing the worst of all sensation(s); the manifestation of bunk .
q: how were those fresh cuts, son?
a: i'm not gunna lie, they were mcgriddlesauce.
by jsnyd September 26, 2005
a form of the adjective 'raspy' popularized by a late night text message. has been adapted so many times than it can mean pretty much anything by now.
'talkin rasby?'
by jsnyd October 04, 2005
the main thoroughfare in seaville, new jersey's 'sea grove' campground. supposedly home to 'french smutties,' which, yet to be seen by anyone, may be a figment of meyers' imagination.
q: where the fuck we rollin to?

a: dogwood 9.
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
a madras plaid or plain plaid short sleeved shirt; the antifresh (as according to some).
"bro, dwyers buying a dwyer shirt! hahahahaha."
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
abbreviated term for 'board shorts.' board shorts, the optimal garment of choice for the summer months, are also useful in cold weather conditions, in hot tubs & the like.
'yo tyrrell, cop me a pair of boards pronto.'
by jsnyd October 04, 2005
the act of being moist and/or wet; the act of draining mad jumpers in a game of hoops. usually used in the term 'drip set.'
'I've never seen Kornberg drip like that.'
by jsnyd October 04, 2005
to be wet from inside and/or beyond the arc in the sport of basketball.
'don't let him drip!'
j. udani
by jsnyd September 28, 2005