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1 definition by jsmourtee

When a guy is being danced on by a girl at a club or party and he cannot keep his composer and starts to become noticeably aroused. It is very embarrassing if you don't know the girl or when she stops dancing other people can see that she 'broke' you.
Most guys get broke the first few times they ever get wallies, lapdances, or grind with someone but learn how to control themselves and focus but sometime if they are extremely attracted to someone they still get broke.
Guy 1 (at party): omg i want to dance with that girl over there she looks so good

Guy 2: go dance with her! she gave like 4 guys wallies she'll give you one

Guy 1: no cause she looks so good she'll break me and i dont want anyone to see. Im just going to dance with her friend, she's pretty but not bad enough to break me.

Girl 1 (at club): i broke that boy over there sooo fast omg i know that must have been his first wallie and his friend got broke too and the song had just started

Girl 2: i dont know girl you look mad good tonight i think you could break anyone of these guys in here
by jsmourtee June 23, 2010