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2 definitions by jreedmiller

To be made in low quantities with fine attention to detail, flavor, and source of ingredients and/or materials. Presumably, batchy things are high-quality, premium and expensive. Frequently, batchy things are handmade or homemade.
"Check out the hand-written number label on this batchy bottle of bourbon I just picked up from the fancy liquor store! It was aged in sherry casks!" "I'm wearing this beautiful, batchy lavender/thyme perfume that I got at the farmers market. Look at the cute, hand-blown, glass bottle and the label made of vintage Sicilian postage stamps!"
by jreedmiller October 18, 2011
To have sex with an individual who you have had sex with in the past. To be considered a recock, the recocker must have had sex with at least one person since having the initial sexual encounter with that person. In a True Recock situation, both parties have had sex with at least one other person since the initial encounter and lots of time has passed.
Q: Hey Jake, are you gonna recock that girl you used to bang in college now that she's back in town? A: Yes. I intend to recock her after the bar on Friday night.
by jreedmiller August 02, 2011