3 definitions by jqtcc

Noun used to describe a douche who derives a sense of hotshotness from purely hypothetical and totally unrealistic situations.
Hypothetwat: Kim Kardashian is a brainless bimbo. Oh well, I'd still fuck her though.
Dude: Word. But it's not like that's ever going to happen.
by jqtcc July 03, 2011
One who lengthens the amount of time one spends in the bathroom as a way to avoid the harsh realities of life.
During the dark days of the Ching Chang revolution, I abandoned myself to escapisst tendencies as a temporary relief for my spiritual burdens.
by jqtcc July 04, 2011
adj. Derived from Stood Up. When you finally get a sneeze rolling that's been nagging you for the past few minutes, only to find at the last second that the sneeze has deserted you leaving your face in a retarded semi-yawning expression.
Dave: omg! I get yawned up so many times at work I never want to sneeze again!
by jqtcc July 01, 2011

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