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Basically, he was Hitler's bitch and he was a pansy.
Mussolini sucked.
by Josie March 30, 2004
1.) Marijuana spelled in reverse.
ususal said by stoners with too much time on their hands.
2.)Something to write in chalk.
"Dude, don't ask me to buy you Anaujiram in front of a teacher!"
"Naw, I wrote it in blood."
by Josie May 28, 2005
A victory call
*after kicking someones ass* Waapaa!
by Josie July 29, 2003
A cover-up name for a Swedish relation.
Have you met my cousin, Sffvag? s/he is from Sweden!
by Josie March 24, 2005
1. a word used when one simply is not impressed
2. its like jeez.. but with attitude.. JEEAHZ
bob said that my name is gay.. i mean jeeahz
by Josie May 14, 2004
Omarion-A very talented young Black man, comin up in da world of music with B2K. Nice, Sexy, Handsome, and Devoted to his work. Hard-working and amazing
For example, you can tell he's hardworking cuz he is always performing. He eve performed on Thanksgiving Eve. that's hard work, and that's devotion to his job
by Josie November 27, 2003
A diss. An insult at its best.
Why did you eat my homework? You are a major veeja!
by Josie February 07, 2005

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