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Female marijuana plant.
Look at the buds on this beautiful fane.
by Joseph Poon September 20, 2003
A really fuckin' stupid person.
That kid we met earlier, was he mentally retarted or was he just Biff?
by Joseph Poon August 22, 2003
a wigger
That young bo's shirt is almost touching the ground, what a fag! It looks like that young bo is wearing a dress.
by Joseph Poon August 22, 2003
To dismember your member. I cut off or cut out your sexual organs. See also castrate.
Eric knew he was never going to get laid so he committed sexual suicide to get it all over with. There was blood and semen everywhere.
by Joseph Poon June 27, 2004
The fucking ugliest person you've ever seen.
I can't look anymore, that bitch is so fucking pippy.
by Joseph Poon September 20, 2003
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