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the demon spawn of nickolodean(which used to be pure of intentions but that shortly ended when the high elves lost in the war against ronald reagan and osama bin laden) their main objective were to steal the souls of your sons and daughters(usually daughters) and give them the dark overlord voldemort so he may bake a cookie of disaster and feed it to all newborn narwhales. fortunately their attempts were thwarted by the heroic actions of spartan 117, sgt. johnson, and Bob saget who drove them back to the dark hellhole from whence they came.
I am glad the naked brothers band was cancelled.
by jorjor218 June 21, 2011
a sleezy, fat, douchebag, a horrible person and lawyer.he never once poked a hole in any of the prosecution's theories he just kept trying to win the jurors over with emotion and even that did not work the jury said themselves that there just was not enough evidince to convict casey anthony of killing her own child.
a synonym would be a fat pig
and no he isnt superman and is likely going to rot in hell for eternity
jose baez is a fat prick and a cock holster. he is well known for having an IQ of 1 the fact that he is able to dress himself is amazing.
by jorjor218 July 08, 2011
the restart elite is an elite that exists only in halo: reach. it is an elite that does not wear any armor and is armed with only a combat knife, is invincible and can kill you in one stab and makes you restart the entire campaign(hence the name restart elite) you can usually tell that he is making an attack by the disturbed song indestructable before he enters the game. his appearances are extremely rare. also, he deranks you to recruit and takes away your armor and credits.
the restart elite will kill everything you love, give you HIV, tell your grandmother dead baby jokes until she has a stroke and throw your cat at a ceiling fan
by jorjor218 June 26, 2011
a remastered kid friendly version of dragonball z.
(dragonball z)
vegeta:goku, im going to rip your fucking heart out, eat it, cut your head off and put it where your heart was!!
(dragonball kai)
vegeta: hey goku want to drink some apple juice, best buddy?
by jorjor218 July 14, 2011

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