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when ones high school, specifically Coventry, can't think of a real mascot, the word Oaker is used. No body that goes to Coventry High School really knows what an Oaker is, but pretend to know. Everyone from outside of Coventry asks "what's an oaker?" but CHS students never give a real answer..So what is an oaker? No one will know
CHS student-"hey i go to coventry"
EGHS student- "dude, wtf is an oaker? i heard its like dank rhino meat?"
by jonboy September 30, 2005
Good Game Peace Out
GGPO faggot.
by Jonboy April 30, 2003
One who's life revolves around Counter-Stike. He will play the game endlessly, talk using the nerdish CS terms and go to an internet cafe or online game place 24/7 to hone his completely useless skills.
Rob: "Ten bucks sez that freak is a Nump King"

Todd: "Your on, I still think he's a just a wollow noob prince"
by JONBOY June 11, 2003
A warning issued between butt monkeys that they are worshipping the same butt monkey King or Queen. Roughly translates to "get away from my Butt monkey King/Queen"
After Tim had be told to get away from Robin's butt monkey king he was so sad he tried to cheer himself up with a sac wax. Which resulted in a squeaky smooth scrotus, Tim was high as a kite.
by JONBOY June 11, 2003

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