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when ones high school, specifically Coventry, can't think of a real mascot, the word Oaker is used. No body that goes to Coventry High School really knows what an Oaker is, but pretend to know. Everyone from outside of Coventry asks "what's an oaker?" but CHS students never give a real answer..So what is an oaker? No one will know
CHS student-"hey i go to coventry"
EGHS student- "dude, wtf is an oaker? i heard its like dank rhino meat?"
by jonboy September 30, 2005
1. (Noun) A person very arrogant while playing sports but can not make it in the real world.
2. (Adjective) Of our pertaining to an oaker.
1. The oaker had no friends and went to prom alone; no one felt sorry for him, though.
2. The teen was so oaker that when he hosted a party at his house with free alcoholic beverages, no one showed up.
by Thurman May 07, 2005
The definition of anything and everything negative.
Person 1: Did you see the game last night?
Person 2: Yeah it was such an oaker.

Boy 1: Did you see that guy? He's such an oaker.
Boy 2: No he's not, hes such a cody.
Boy 1: Oh right, he's more of a man than I'll ever dream of being.
by mistertheman July 13, 2008
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