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when somone grabs you by the breifs pulls it up putts it veryyyy high on a tree or somthin else.
at the age of 12 i was going home when 8 girls came up (i couldent resit cause there was 8) to me and put my breifs by the fence and took away the stool to get me up and took my close exept tighty wigtys i was left there for maby 4 hours and i couldent get down because when i tried to pull it down i coudent if you got one youd know and later they came back and poured chile suase all over me later they came back with 3 leters of water and forecd me to drink it but not all at once!. 9.PM.. it ripped and i fell on my ass and the rip was down the fece hole i was sitting i needed to rip the waist band i miss my tighty wigtheys :( hanging wedgie.
by jonbn December 10, 2010

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