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Racist term for an Arab looking individual.
He blasted that mother fuckin' Sand Coon to meet his 72 Virgins!
by jonathon September 10, 2005
A reformed Republican who saw the light and realizes that the Constitution means exactly what it says.

A Republitarian also knows however, that the Libertarian party as a whole isn't strong enough. He tends to vote Republican, since he knows that a Libertarian has no chance of getting into office. He also works to reform the Republican Party, and will question the Party on what he believes is wrong.

Some of the key issues a Republitarian doesn't stand with the Republican Party are:

Social Security/Welfare
Republitarians stand for freedom, pure and simple.
by jonathon March 15, 2005
N. To be hotter than hot.
V. To be made look hotter than hot.
"Wow! Did you see her?!" "Yeah she's Hagenized!!"
by Jonathon October 07, 2004
Washougal, Washington

Home of the most rednecks per capita than in the entire state of Washington!

Also noted, Washougal High School consists of more Tweakers, Sluts, Whores, and Stoners than any other in Washington!

Two wonderful records!

Rumor has it Washougal got its name from the Native Americans.

A white guy had an Indian wife, that never bathed. Finally the Indian cheif got fed up, and went to the white man and said "Washa you gal", hence Washougal!

Proper pronunciation is Wash-oo-gul.

Also known by the locals as "The Shoug"
Dude, you live in Washougal? Pass the speed man!
by jonathon August 26, 2005
an arse scratching nitwit whos got nuthing else to do the whole day.
geeeeeeeez peter is ekdumvella you can hear the wid whistling thru his ears.
by jonathon April 14, 2005
Local slang for Washougal
Hey man, the Shoug is the place for the tweak!
by jonathon August 26, 2005
There are plenty of Boneless Brown Trout in that river!
by jonathon August 18, 2005

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