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Easily the most evil of all Nintendo creations, Ganondorf is the lead villain in eight of the 13 zelda games, starting in 1986 with his debut in the original adventure "the legend of zelda" presenting the dark side of nintendo.

He was initially called "Gannon" although this was a mis-spelling of "Ganon". In the 1991 snes game game "a link to the past" he was referred to by his full name "Ganondorf Dragmire" for the first and only time.

He is variously known as The great king of evil, dark lord and, in ocarina of time, Gerudo king of thieves.

The Gerudo are a race of hylian fighters who live in Gerudo valley. this race of females is graced with a single male, born once every hundred years, who assumes the position of king.

Ganondorf exists in two forms: his humanoid form and his beast alter-ego Ganon. This pig like creature originally had the hooves of a goat and the head of a boar, complete with tusks in Twilight princess, his look had evolved into more of a lion than a pig, with a flowing man and claws instead of hooves.

Along with his demonic shapeshifting, The dark lord possess many abilities, including invisibility, magic, lightning bolts and levitation. He's also known to dual-wield a pair of swords (in Wind waker) and is impervious to mortal wounds while in possesion of the triforce power.

Fortunatly the Gerudo King isn't invincible. He's susceptible to sacred weapons such as the Master sword, Light arrows and silver arrows and also by using his own magic against him.
Ganondorf. quite evil.
by jonathanbailey07 July 16, 2008

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