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Someone who is too cool for words. They're the shiznit.
I live to serve the Count.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005
Expression of frustration, especially in the UK and eastern Canada.
Dash! I forgot my math book.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005
Let's say it mathematically:

Tupac = not dead

It was all a farce. Staged. No one can put out so many albums postmortem. Some disturbed Hollywood producer thought it up after Shakur couldn't take the fame. An actor fired a blank, a blood "pac" was burst, and Tu fell to the ground. Now after all these years he's put on some weight and he lives in Cuba -- where Americans are banned -- and I bet he's on a beach now sipping a crantini.
Tupac's farsical death is up there with Watergate and Lewinsky.
by jon.vs October 11, 2005

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