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a male who generally lives life off of marijuana and does not go to work (generally mcdicks) unless being under the influence of chron (marijuana) Individuals such as Cory Reimer or Truffel are to be considered Chron lifes.
"duude look at that chron life walk around tellin people theyre "sick" and beatin off in random corners"
by jolust May 25, 2006
A very outdoorsy person, who spends most of his time out on nature walks, but then experiences a sudden burst of hornyness, so then resorts to finding the nearest bush and masturbating in it. Bush wackers generally use the closest and largest leaf to emit, or wipe up, any unwanted man goop.
Jamal: "hey Sampson! we've been hiking for hours, i say we take a break to session up some bush wacking."
Sampson: "yea dawg, im down ive a had side pipe for hours."
Jamal: "i dunno about you but ive been eyeing up that crevice in that mossy piece of bark over there"
by jolust June 01, 2006

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