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Australian !!
yep. we were convicts.
yep. we do have cool accents.
yep. yanks do give us the shits.
yep. we are beer guzzling machines.
yep. we say do say mate alot.
yep. we have perfect beaches.
Take the piss out of Australia, we dont care. People arent lining up to get out of our country.

" another VB thanks sheryl "

by johnny_the_boy May 26, 2005
An extremely ugly female. Not even after 40+ beers at the pub would you consider taking this thing home. If ofcourse your standards do drop for a night. And you woke up with her asleep next to you, with her head on your arm. I recommend chewing your arm off, so you can make a quick escape without waking her up !
" Hey man ! check out the swamp pheasant that's talkin to Dave "
by johnny_the_boy July 25, 2005
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