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Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.
I swear if I come home to a dirty house, empty oven and a bad attitude... She's getting the secret backhand.
by johnny5ive August 03, 2011
To die in such a manner that everyone who ever knew you could have predicted. Thus leaving friends and enemies alike shaking their heads saying " what the fuck did they expect!?"
*A drug addict overdoses
*A fire eater burns to death
*An African dies of AIDS
*An guy with 8 DUIS dies in a car accident
*A guy who pisses off dangerous animals for a living gets stabbed in the heart by a fucking stingray

All the above Pulled an Amy Winehouse
by johnny5ive July 23, 2011
To have meaningless sex. Refers to "dumping" ones dick in any or all orifices on a girl.
Example 1

John: Hey Andrew what do you think of the new girl?

Andrew: She's not the greatest , but I figure after a six pack I'd dump it in.

Example 2

She wasn't the greatest looking, but I figured I had 20 minutes to kill so I might as well dump it in.
by johnny5ive August 16, 2011
When your second toe is significantly longer than your big toe.
Person 1: I saw Sandy wearing flip flops the other day, and that girl has some serious Jungle Toe!

Person 2: I'm trying to eat, you asshole. I don't want to hear about Sandy's freakish feet!
by Johnny5ive August 03, 2011
To be extremely high on Marijuana. If you are just a little on the high side, you are chewed. If you have red skittles for eyes, a craving for pickles and peanut butter and you just mistook your cat for your pillow.... you sir are Chewed like food.
I shouldn't have smoked that last bowl, I have to work in 20 minutes and I'm chewed like food.
by johnny5ive August 03, 2011
Pentagon has five sides
Hexagon has six sides
Octagon has eight sides
Omnomnomagon... is the shape of Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster is no longer just an amorphous blob. His shape will hence forth be known as an omnomnomagon.
by johnny5ive September 14, 2011
When an old woman's hooters meet her gut. A spinoff of gunt. Sometimes gooters are tucked into the woman's pants at a feeble attempt to conceal them, this only makes matters worse.
Old Drunk Woman: Hey there young man, do you have a cigarette I can have?

Me: No I sure don't. But can you take a couple steps back, your gooters are dangling dangerously close to my nachos
by johnny5ive August 16, 2011

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