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I'm reading these definitions and I thought I had to do one of my own. Most of 'em are by people who've only heard a "the hits" on the rock-radio, or by angst-ridden, dumbass teens who like Slipknot as well.

Throw away the cliches, Smells like Teen Spirit, and Kurt Cobain's idea of hating fame. Forget all that shit. Then, go spend ten bucks and buy them live, unplugged on MTV.

Before an artsy internet geek get's all nimbly bimbly on me for mentioning MTV.. remember, there was a time when Eric Clapton, Bobby Dylan, and Noel Gallagher all found there way onto the MTV screen.. it wasn't always shit.

Take the Unplugged CD, throw it in whatever you use to play music, and forget about everything else that you're doing. From All Apologies to Where Did You Sleep Last Night, you will be blown away.

Honest to god, that eerie tingle in Cobain's voice will make you wonder how you've lived without hearing this album. Do yourself a favour, sober up and go to the record store. Buy it, and thank me.

Also, don't do heroin. Not cool atall.
Clerky : "That'll be 11.99"
Clerky : "A twenty? Here's your change."
Dude : "Thanks man"
Clerky : "Oh, by the way. Nice choice. Solid stuff you got there"
by johnny depp August 24, 2004
someone who is not very skilled at their job
Buddy the Elf
by Johnny Depp December 06, 2003
This band is so good. It's crazy.. here you have these guys who can be enjoyed buy those artsy freaks you've grown to hate, or your average joe.

You never know what you're going to get. The new album is fucking weird.. yet so good.

I'd say go out and buy Wilco.. or download it if you're a total fucking shithead.
Tony : Man, I'm fuckin bored. Spice up my life brotha.
Random Skinny Man : Here, borrow my Wilco CD you lousy fuck.
Tony : Thank ya brotha.
by johnny depp August 18, 2004
A desi that thinks he is black
Playin saim is a desi that thinks he is black
by Johnny Depp February 28, 2005
A gaping rectum
Roxanas fart-box has been pounded to long by Storm after sniffing lines off his cock.
by Johnny Depp February 07, 2003
fucking tasty band. they fall in between britpop bands and american alt-rock.

it's nice smelling shit. listen to under the tracks, dead man lagoon, and wrecking ball.

thank me later.
whats goin on jimmy?
ehh, i think i'll creeper lagoon it tonite man.
uh huh, sweet.
it is sweet.
by johnny depp August 30, 2004
a variation of "OK" used in a sarcastic tone; usually exaggerated as "Shoooo shaayyyyyy"
Guy #1: "Seinfeld" is the best show ever!
Guy #2: "Sho shay!!"
by Johnny Depp December 06, 2003

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