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doing a girl in the butt while listening to dark side of the moon
i gave sandra a stink floyd during any colour you like
by john really brown November 24, 2006
this word was found in a Nietzsche text lost deep down in John Denver's raised ranch in jersey. It was found to mean a act of jacking off your shit. no, i dont mean sticking it up your holes again and again, i mean actual jacking off your logs.

comes from greek word,
poopstapolus batum, meaning the city where napolean first jacked off his logs. the next day he beat the french in a war., and so the act of poopstabation continued.
i love to poopstabate after i orgasm humanly.
by John really brown December 22, 2004
mathmatical process by which a shit/corn ratio is aquired. it is devised from taking the amount of corn in your shit and dividing it by the total mass of your log, including water content and multiplying by 100. is expressed in units called nibblets. my corn ratio is 22 niblets some days.
shannon- hey i am eating corn
tim- maybe you will shit some out
dan- ill get my calculator so we can logarithm afterwards.
by john really brown July 09, 2006
the act of having sex while dressed up as the monopoly man. it can be every day, or only when your girl passes go. prefereabbly on a boardwalk or when she has grown out her marvin garden.
mike- i want sex
jane-well i want board games
james- how bout i solve both and play milton bradley
by john really brown July 06, 2006
a game, usually played by men while at urinals, when one aims the piss stream, aka golden rainbow, at rogue pieces of pubic hair which rest on the lip of the urinal. these special pubes do not necessarilly belong to you, but remember, they must be sent home to the urinal cake.
in the game of shoot the pube, you get extra points if the pube drifts towards the pisser.
by john really brown November 10, 2006
when you run a mile, maybe in gym class for your androgenous "teacher and the pressure on your ass is too close for comfort. as you cross the finish line you actually shit. it can actually happen anytime in the race to qualify for brown mile status. any brown council inductee must celebrate with a bown town
i just ate pizza hut
i just ate chicken
i just drank junior juice
i ran a mile
and i couldnt take it anymore
i just shit at the end.
i did a brown mile.
yea, i did a brown mile
by john really brown November 04, 2006
The coloquial reference to a pizza pie in the New Haven Connecticut area. The sign on the pizza shops actually say apizza. ie. Sally's Apizza. its pronounced (ah-beetz).
New HAven is famous for their pizza, but the best place is Sally's Apizza.
by john really brown January 13, 2007

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