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When one student copies answers from the "smart" student on a particular test/homework/exam. And, to the smart student's dismay, the cheater got a better score, leaving the "smart" kid dumbfounded, confused, and in a world of self-loathing.
"The Cheat Chain is wonderful in theory, but if the cheater gets a better score than the cheatee, the Cheat Chain Dilemna is in effect."
by Joeyrogue7 March 06, 2009
A male who's black hair is plagued with dandruff, so much so that it is evident that a shower has never crossed this persons mind- leaving them looking like an alley cat.
I was walking down Tin Pan Alley when I saw an Alley Cat by the name of Adam. It was clear that in Tin Pan Alley, shampoo is a curse word. His Dandruff glowed in the moonlight.
by joeyrogue7 February 06, 2009

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