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its when you get a couple of pigeons which are losers who do everything a group of people tells them to because they think they are being accepted and a pigeon duel is when you get two or more pigeons and make them fight and the result is them thinking they are all cool when everyone else is just entertained by the fighting and how stupid the pigeons are
kid: you missed the coolest pigeon duel one pigeon chipped five teeth and another pigeon got his wrist snapped!

other kid: fuck i cant believe i missed it!
by joeschmosmacksthathoe October 26, 2006
when groups play games with their pigeons (pigeons are losers who hang around a group and do everything the group tells them to because they think they are being accepted) like making their pigeons annoy eachother and even fight and it becomes a game for the entertainment of two or more groups that have pigeons
kid: i think that one group over there is playing pigeon chess with that other group cause last week one pigeon took another pigeons boxers off and threw them on the roof and today one pigeon just stole the another ones lunch
by joeschmosmacksthathoe October 26, 2006
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