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80 definitions by joel

a wigger that acts more black then black people
wow that kids a witiebaca
by joel October 02, 2003
generally directed at someone who is broke all the time, worried all the time, not able to have fun, or elsewise and the speaker has a sorta empathy

prevalence showed up in the mid-eighties during the cocaine and heroin crazy.
Man, you lookin like crap. You doin too much blow. Sucks to be you.
by Joel June 17, 2004
Any food that has fallen on the ground is allowed a maximum of 5 seconds before it is left as trash.
Well...I picked up this banana before it was on the ground for longer than 5 seconds. That's the 5 second rule.
by Joel July 09, 2004
A person who cuts, shaves, and trims hair, and beards. An expert in grooming
Shape Ups, Tapers
by Joel December 14, 2003
Mondays as opposed to hump day Wednesdays.
It's fricken thump day; can't wait till hump day!
by Joel March 09, 2005
when you type too fast
wow your car is teh biggest piece of shit ever.
by joel May 08, 2003
Kicking the jukebox : one who is kicking the jukebox is "the man".
Nick stole the road sign! He's kicking the juke box!
by Joel February 19, 2003