80 definitions by joel

-totally sucking ass at foosball.
-almost never (rarely) being able to beat anyone at foosball.
-never being able to beat joel.
"your as bad as westendorf eh?"

"so westendorf... that makes it 121-0-0 for me?"
by joel April 02, 2004
Fellatio Induced Apology
"Bitch dropped the ball on that one"
"FIA, man, FIA"
by Joel September 07, 2003
Instead of using the curse word "bitch," I used to call my mom "miotch" to get around cursing. Plus, it sounds cooler.
You are one stupid miotch!
by Joel July 09, 2004
Teko meaning you talk bull shit or lie
"Man your all teko"
by Joel February 18, 2004
usually followed by a hand motion consisting of a closed fist above the waist pivoted forward and backward from the wrist
Dude, the singer for My Chemical Romance... what a shriv. hand motion follows
by joel January 04, 2005
failure in life
ahh the poor knark
by joel October 02, 2003
A fart that emits heat as it exits your a-hole
I use a heater to warm my ass during the winter months
by Joel September 29, 2003

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