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2 definitions by joeh1995

Verb: To smear butter and maple syrup on a woman and then lick it off.

In a male context would by to Paula Dan with a side of sausage.
Amanda: Hey Jenny, why is your bed all sticky?

Jenny: Rob came over with an extra thing of Mrs. Butterworth's and gave me a Paula Dean.
by joeh1995 January 29, 2012
Anyone who secretly uses their mobile phone to take pictures or video of people in public places.
Man #1- Hey asshole, you recording my girlfriend doing beer bongs and passing out drunk? I'm going to kick your ass, you Flip Phone Pervert.

Man #2- If your girlfriend wasn't making such a whore out of herself I wouldn't be doing it. Anyway, a concert parking lot isn't then best place to expect privacy.
by joeh1995 June 19, 2011