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asshole, jerk, loser; clusterfuck.

Pl. hotly debated whether plural form is "cocks-in-the-mouth" or "cock-in-the-mouths".
Did you have you review with that cock-in-the-mouth boss of yours?"; "Yes, I would change lanes if this cock-in-the-mouth would get out of my way."; "St. Patty's day in NYC is one gigantic cock-in-the-mouth.
by joebohobitz March 31, 2011
n. abbrev. of Back, Crack & Sack wax. The wax-assisted removal of all hair from the back, ass crack, ball bag and any interstitial areas (including but not limited to the perineum) of an adult male.

Effectively, the male equivalent of a Brazilian bikini wax for woman, but extending to the entire upper dorsal region (contrast the similar, but less extensive, Brozilian.)
"After Season 1 of 'Jersey Shore', the question wasn't whether Ronnie and the Situation got regular BC&Ss, it was *how* regularly."

"The fusion of the Brazilian bikini wax and the man spa have conspired to create a profitable new male grooming service: the BC&S."

"With the metrosexual crowd gearing up for Hamptons season, it's hard to book a BC&S in NYC anytime in the month of May."

"The BC&S may represent one of the final evolutionary steps away from hirsuteness in the human male."--Anonymous Evolutinoary Biologist
by joebohobitz August 15, 2012

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