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when you follow through so bad that you have to throw away your underwear
'ahh man ive shit my pants, better dumpundiedump
by joeblow79 April 15, 2011
when one has sexual intercourse with a flid
jonny: 'ahh mate i went to the paralympics yesterday and banged a disabled chick'
jebby: 'fella, you had a fliddybang'
by joeblow79 April 13, 2011
when your flatulence sounds like a duck and then it finishes with a slight squit that usually needs a wipe but sometimes can require a complete dumpundiedump
you had a pooquack
by joeblow79 April 15, 2011
whilst around impressionable children and for example you stub your toe and would really like to shout bollocks instead shout 'boollarks' it works just as well
walk into kitchen stub toe on chair leg 'BOOLLARKS'
by joeblow79 April 12, 2011

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