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literally: to put in a brown bag.
most frequently in reference to alcoholic substances (ie: 40's)

also, Young Religious Unitarian Universalists brown bag their drugs, illegal/hazardous materials during the time they spend at conferences.
Dude, let's get that homeless guy to buy us some 40's and sit on the corner brown bagging 'em.

Dude, you should SO brown bag that.
by Joe Shmoe May 25, 2003
(n.) the basic food source of all fat maxicans. you can tell an addicted vato by the signature red stains on the fingers, lips, and sleeves.
yo couse. go down to tha cowna sto an buy me sum hot cheetos widt this 25 cent.
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
china's version of a real name
I took chingachgook to the sea and he lost his specticals
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
to look on with scorn; seggragation; to be haten'
My good sir, I do so ever disdain those irregular ashen commoners from the hood. It does behoove us to dichotomize their lavitories from ours.
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003
good, unigue fighting moves
"I got enough bangs to take you down!"
by Joe Shmoe August 22, 2002
1. a catchy phrase to complement great/humerous moments.
2. an imperturbable and reserved way of expressing delight in ones actions.
hahahahahaha, sigh... good times.
by joe shmoe February 26, 2003

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