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One who washes balls with the assumption that his/her preferred method of doing so is orally.

This term is used as an insult.
That guy is such an ass rubbing, ballwasher.
by jody November 15, 2003
the ratio of signal to noise in decibels (dB).
A postitive signal to noise ratio means the signal is louder than the noise. A negative signal to noise ratio means the noise is louder than the signal. Typically, the signal is speech, music, or whatever sound is being listened for.
by Jody August 28, 2003
the 28th day of a womans 'cycle'
she wouldnt let me fuck her coz she was up on blocks.
by jody October 30, 2003
to fuck someone you dont know, especially in liverpool
oy luv, fancy a bounce?
by jody October 30, 2003
Hive Records was started in 2003 as a vehicle to dispence to the public the sermon of harsh industry-grade frequency manipulation and flowing, dark atmopheric music. They do not believe that genre titles such as powernoise or trip hop or industrial or ambient or idm should be applied outright to any of their releases, but rather that each sound be taken on its own terms. A varied but cohesive aesthetic of dark sound textures and visual expression is what they strive for in their releases. They want to release music that reinstills a sense of excitement in the somewhat staid world of dark electronics, and release music that infuses influences outside of generic "industrial". Their interests veer into the more experimental, the more brutal, the more beautiful, flowing, dubby, trippy...
Hive Records is the shiznit.
by Jody September 14, 2004
a very large and deep, gushing vagina
man, i met some girl last night, her cunt was so fucked up i thought id fallen over into a pile of shit.
by jody October 30, 2003
when a guy gets a blowjob by someone with tobasco in their mouth, then fucks that person up the ass.
"Man, my ass hurts- Bob gave me a Texas Hot Stick last night."
by jody May 14, 2003
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