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Choadaholics anonymous is an organization for women addicted to sucking choads.
'You're a serious addict'.
'I swear i'm going to see CA'.
by Jockass March 14, 2009
1. Economically left-wing and socially pro-choice.
2. Pro-choice on absolutely everything.
3. A lot.
1. That Hugo chavez is a true liberal. He wants to nationalize the food industries.
2. Milton friedman is the ultimate liberal. He's against the FDA and practically all regulation.
3. I want a liberal amount of beer, chips and ketchup.
by Jockass April 10, 2009
What is said by libertarians to describe their feelings about the dumb, big government new president.
Michael Moore: Barack Obama shows a victory for socialism and a move towards socialized medicine.
Ron Paul: Are you kidding! George W Obama is a horrible president. He supported the bailouts! Hes an insane leftist.
by jockass July 04, 2009

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