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Idiot. Scottish and Irish slang for idiot. What did you think?
By looking up eejit you are an eejit.
by Jockass April 09, 2009
The thing you put at the start of a comment replying to someone on Youtube. You don't actually put name in it but you replace it with their username.
That was an awful video.
by jockass February 08, 2010
Poly means many and tics means blood-sucking parasites.
Politics are covering me pubes.
by Jockass March 20, 2009
The feeling you get when you hear an annoying environmentalist going on and on about global warming.
On the news I heard them talking so much about global warming. It's a scam and it's Al Boring.
by jockass December 23, 2009
To kill someone with butterfly and shove them up a drainpipe.
'You should quetror that dickheid'.
by Jockass March 14, 2009
1. A gay couple having sex.
2. The action of straight people shaking hands.

Gay guy 1: Hey man, wanna lock wood.
Gay guy 2: Sure but I get to go on top
2. 'we made up and locked wood'.
by jockass November 20, 2009
A low-budget cereal that is so cheap it can only be sold (legally) to people who are unemployed or earning less than 10 Pence (14.3cents) per day.
'What do you have for breakfast'.
'Credit crunch'.
'That is absolutely shite'.
'The cost is cheap when you live in the gorbals'.
by Jockass March 18, 2009

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