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when you're driving on a road trip and and your head bobs back and forth as you catch yourself falling asleep
chino was driving for so many hours when frank told him "dude stop with the JFK's and let me drive"
by jobens February 09, 2012
the act of masturbating all night in your sleep.
chronic uncontrollable nocturnal masturbation
frank was wondering why his penis and wrist were always sore when he wakes up in the morning so he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with restless bird syndrome.
by jobens October 04, 2012
to ask the bartender to buy a drink for everyone at the bar
Chino was tending bar at Basin Street when a customer asked him to "run the wood" , so he wasted no time in getting everybody a shot of Jagermeister.
by jobens February 13, 2012
what a man ejaculates after he has no more seamen left from cumming too many times
frank's had sex so many times in a row that the last time he had an orgasm the only thing that came out was porn dust
by jobens January 19, 2012
the gentleman's bang is when you have sex the morning after with the ugly girl you brought home the night before and had sex with, in order to make her feel pretty, special, sexy and respected before you ask her to leave. Like any good gentleman would.
Chino saw an ugly girl leaving Franks apartment early one morning and immediately called him to ask " Frank what's up with letting that girl stay over your place? Frank replied " Its all good Chino , I had to give her a "gentleman's bang" this morning to make her feel pretty because that's the kind of man i am.
by jobens January 17, 2013
when you have had such good sex that after it is over you feel drunk with euphoria and are slightly disorientated
chino just finished having an epic sex experience with his girl nelly that he appeared drunk to his buddy frank , frank asked him " whats up man , have you been drinking?" he replied" no bro i'm hump drunk"
by jobens April 28, 2013
a "bob" is when a girl shows just one boob
frank and chino were at the bar , when they asked a girl to show her boobs. She said i can't do that ! So they said how about just a "bob" then ? She agreed and whipped out just the right one.
by jobens December 20, 2012
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