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fucking hilarious!
that was fularious!
by Jmz March 23, 2003
Former singer for Stone Temple Pilots, now frontman for Velvet Revolver. Amazing vocalist and a gorgeous man, unfortunately struggled with drug addictions for years. If he keeps it together Velvet Revolver is destined for greatness! Rock on Scott!
Wow, that Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolver is an excellent singer. And what a fox!
by jmz February 06, 2005
an eye thats really lazy and u cant tell who the person is looking/talking to.
Mike, who are you looking at, cock eye.
by Jmz March 23, 2003
a town
I went to innisville and all I got was this stupid t-shirt
by jmz March 21, 2003
Masturbate with bread then reach the climax in the bread and eat it.
Man that spooch was good.
by Jmz March 23, 2003
Moron who likes to fuck ass.
Sean Poling is such an ass fuck!
Justin Szostak is such an ass fuck!
Jon Cable is such an ass fuck!
by Jmz March 23, 2003
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