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Down To Make Bad Decisions. Many times, this refers to the state of mind that college girls are in after they begin to feel slightly (read: heavily) intoxicated.

Similar to DTF (down to fuck), but intercourse is not necessarily involved.
Guy 1: Dude, are you coming to the party tonight?
Guy 2: Oh yeah man, there will be so many girls who are DTMBD. It's going to be awesome.
Guy 1: That's the spirit.
by jmath19 December 19, 2011
When having your pictures taken by multiple cameras, the premature eflashulator is the person who: a) takes too many photos in rapid succession, b) takes pictures out of turn, resulting in photos where everyone is looking away, c) solely takes pictures for the purpose of blinding people with the flash, or any combination of the three.
Joe: Dude, taking Prom pictures would've been a blast had it not been for Ashley's mom.
Sam: Yeah man, she's a severe premature eflashulator. Her pictures are going to look really good -- if she wanted 26 pictures where everyone is looking at other cameras.
by jmath19 May 18, 2011

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