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the sound a bloody donkey makes, *donkey* *points at the guy who spelt it donkie*
I am a donkey.
I go hee-haw.
by Jmac July 03, 2004
small penis male
by jmac February 06, 2003
To smack or slap someone across the face for having a stupid looking hat on their head, or just to smack someone in general.
Yeah, he said something stupid so I koufi-smacked that nigga.
by Jmac March 08, 2005
not cool
You are so bujiff!
Bujiff to my hommies!
by Jmac October 04, 2004
a physcho german who destroys any thing he sees
aahh crazy burkler u just broke your new bike
by jmac November 12, 2003
Response indicating one is willing to participate in the afformentioned event. "I'm Game" is always precluded by a suggestion or indication of an activity.
Mills: "Yeah, We headed down the club. You with us?"
Mack: "I'm game."
Frank: "She said she was goin to church Sunday morning. I'm game, so we had mad crazy sex all night."
by JMac April 29, 2004
the tube were your shit comes out, it is inside you.
dont do it you have a hyper sensative colen!!!
by Jmac November 07, 2003
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