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The terrifying hangover that comes from drinking too much soju, the Korean liquor famous for being cheap, boozy and sneaky.
TGIF! Let's go out tonight.

Sorry, still suffering soju death from Wednesday. BAH!
by jlaxx December 26, 2010
The national alcoholic beverage of Korea. Made from potatoes, commonly between 17 ~ 30% alcohol by volume. Exorbitantly cheap in Korea (W1,000 or $1 per bottle), drunk socially at nearly every outing, business or casual. Drunk in shots, especially when challenged to. Famous among expats for its many drinking games, being foul tasting when drunk straight but invisible when mixed with juice. Also famous for its ability to get you bombed without you noticing.

Even more famous for soju death, its excruciating hangover.
Shall we go to a beverage parlor or an electronic music establishment and mingle with locals and foreigners alike tonight?

No, let's just buy some soju at the convenience store and drink in the park.
by jlaxx December 26, 2010

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