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A man who has an ego bigger than the world. Also can be called motherfucker or asshole. They tend to frequent clubs and try to dance with men's girlfriends.
All the guys on "Jersey Shore" are all douchebags.
by jkloser December 07, 2009
*NOTE: In referencing to the secession of the South, I want to put out there that I do not believe in slavery. I am a republican and I always will be. Do not give this a thumbs down just because you are a democrat or liberal.

Republicans are people who stand for the right to life. However, those who have no respect for life and feel that they can take a life because of drugs, jealousy, or because they get a sicko impulse to kill, we want you dead.

A republican stands for states rights. Two great examples of state's rights are:
1)In the 1800's, the democrats of congress felt that a state cannot have the right to decide what is legal or not (i.e. slavery). The abolishment of slavery violated state's rights causing the secession of the South. ***NOTE: Again, I personally do not believe in slavery. HOWEVER, I do believe that each individual state has the right to say what is legal and what isn't in that state.

2)The drinking age. The democratic congress pulled a fast one. Congress told the states that if they did not make the drinking age 21, then that state would not get money to fund a highway system in that state.

A republican supports the HARD working man while also supporting the unemployed to get up and work just as hard. They believe that if you work hard to earn your money, you shouldn't be taxed because you do so. As for others people who want government to take care of them, that's fine just get a job so the government won't have to help you anymore.
Republican presidents: Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower
by jkloser December 08, 2009

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