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3 definitions by jjjimmyB

girl's night out; a bunch of us lucky dudes
Fran says to Gwendalyne..., "This place is really suckin' tonight,'cept for that dude by the jukebox".
Gwen says..., "YEAH! He must be in the Schlong o' da' Month club"!
by jjjimmyB April 11, 2006
1). a tendency to go off on tangents
2). the urgency to get a tan
"Bob is sooooooooooooo whack, he has a tendency to go off on tangents at the drop of a hat ,...he's in a tangency."
by jjjimmyB April 16, 2006
(as in, I
"As my own maker, ...I am a creationist."
by jjjimmyB April 04, 2006