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A small town in Michigan with nothing to do. The only 'famous' person ever to come out of it is the creator of the Fairly Oddparents on Nickelodeon.
I live in New Baltimore. (Yawn) Wake me up in a few hours.
by jip March 19, 2005
A large,popular and well known company with a great popular appeal dispite substandard and/or declining quality of their main product.
Starbucks has been referred to by many purist as the Mc Donalds of coffee.
by Jip March 12, 2004
1337 n0rt|-|3rn 4$$ R4p!$t
by Jip August 18, 2003
A child between the ages of 3-12 years. Known for their loud noises and boisterous activity.
The upstairs neighbors were reported to the landlord for allowing their yard ape and his friends to play soccer indoors.
by Jip September 06, 2005
Another durrty south slang word for FUCK
Damn dog that jippin sucks. Thats jipped up. Jip you, you mother jipper!
by jip December 01, 2004
Four words. I HATE THIS SHOW!
Desperate houswives is so predictable, and is like any other show out there.
by jip March 19, 2005

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