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adj.: A saying indicating that something is good, awesome, hip, or "not fail". Could be used to describe an occurance of epic proportions, an awesome sports play, or some badass OJ.
"Dude! Did you see that touchdown?!"

"Hell yeah! That was some good juice!"
by jimmythewhoo October 22, 2009
The watery excrement that comes as a result of drinking large amounts of fluids to detox.
So did you pass your drug test yesterday?

Yeah, but I drank so much water it gave me detoxarrhea.
by jimmythewhoo May 22, 2010
Broken english for "ten minutes", exactly how long it takes for your chinese food to be ready.
"...and 2 egg rolls."
"ok, be ready in tehminneh."
by jimmythewhoo May 29, 2010
Cobination of "Internet" and "Jail Bait". A person who can frequently be found cruising chatrooms, trying desperately to hook up with a partner who is most likely lying about their age, gender, or pending murder charges. Will most likely end up facedown in an alley after their first date. (see roofie)
"Hey, what do you think my chances are with Julie?"

"Unless you've got 3 outstanding warrants and a javachat account, pretty slim."

"Oh, thats right, shes interbait."
by jimmythewhoo November 30, 2009
A term commonly used to describe elder women who have turned senile, and are often found in the produce section of local grocery stores conversing, lecturing, or scolding various fruits and vegetables. Can also be used to describe people who talk to the air, at the back of peoples heads, or a woman who REALLY likes grapefruit.
"Hey, was that old lady yelling at me or the celery?"
"It was actually the plantaines, She's a Grapefruit lady."
by jimmythewhoo November 01, 2009

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