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when one is having a normal conversation with a friend online and all of a sudden that friend starts to type lyrics super fast. (most likely lyrics to the current song they are listening to) The friend then proceeds to type the lyrics in an obnoxious way to emphasize the syllables and the way the song is sung. There fore, the friend is now singing in the online conversation through his fingers.
generic screename 1: are you sure the answer to number 2 is really 45.7
generic screename 2: and im freeeeeee!!!!
generic screename 1: free?
generic screename 2: freeeeeee faaaallllliiiin'!!!
generic screename 1: what?

generic screename 1: what are you doing?

generic screename 2: i'm singing with my fingers! :D
by jimmyboj November 22, 2009

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