15 definitions by jimmy jammer

Vaginal Knock Out
i gave that ho a VKO.
by jimmy jammer May 22, 2003
all the answers to the questions of life are found in corner of the little white baggy.
Benjamin's Theory is closely related to don't get high on your own supply, it just doesn't work.
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
Future Getto Hoe of America
by jimmy jammer May 08, 2003
The vaginal beatdown is commonly treated with ice to reduce the swelling
A girl known as Nikki Nova, from Staten Island, is no stranger to the vaginal beatdown.
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
one gram of any substance.
"Yo! Can you front me a Jammer."
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
Roast beef danglers.
Due to the steady flow of girls getting bored out all across the country, a now known symptom known as RBD's, seems to be prevelant among young women.
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003
while taking a foul,high temp,defecation a girl partakes in an act known as the blow job.
"Not many bitches could take the steamer as well as she did."
by Jimmy Jammer April 28, 2003

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