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A common, generally-accepted term used in former times to describe young black boys, who were so pictured and identified in some of the National Geographics magazines from the pre-Depression Era of the 1920's.
"A pickaninny and his daily collection of cotton from the fields of southern Alabama."
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 20, 2007
what the USA will be full of, 40 and more years from now.
Enjoy your inkjobs now, girls; in 40 years you'll all be so sagged out or so overweight that all you'll be is a bunch of tattooed old ladies appealing to NOBODY!
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 20, 2007
what Nintendoholics occasionally need to do, so they hit the Pause button and go do it.
"Oops, it's wiiwii time!"
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 20, 2007
Your description of how you feel after you've had too much to drink.
Wow, I feel sho heightleaded I cand even shtand up shtraight, led alone try ta walk a shtraight line!
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 14, 2007
The result of hackups that don't get caught before they hit the open air in front of you; sometimes induced by a sudden sneezing spell.
"Wow, didja see how that dude's phlakkegm decorated the whole mirror he was facing?"
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 13, 2007
A so-called food establishment that isn't fit to eat in.
Wow, don't ever try to get a meal at that restauraint; there's rats and cockroaches all over the place!
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 20, 2007
why the school nurse sometimes sends people home to have their hair combed out for li'l bitty varmints crawling around in it; also known as cootie hunt.
Seven kids in our room got sent home today with Lice Chex, Mom, including me!
by jimmiedavurdmeister August 14, 2007

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