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when u fart and shit in one smooth motion.usually invovles an extensive cleanup.
i was with my girlfriend and then sharted all over the inside of my pants.
by jim dandy January 24, 2005
A catch phrase of Borat. Used as a punctuative statement affirming his belief.
"Pamela anderson is a very beautiful...wawawewa"
by Jim dandy November 05, 2006
an old womans saggy tits that hang down and knock against her knees with every step she takes. some men find this erotic and very hot sex can stimulate a penis to pentrate through the knee knockers and enter the vagina.
damn those "knee knockers" are looking sexy.
by jim dandy January 24, 2005
n. The act of fllacio. Oral sex performed upon a male(s).
She begged me for more lollycock. That lollycock wuz da shiznit!
by Jim Dandy December 10, 2003
a person, usuallly a man, cant get his penis to stand up staight, making it difficult to insert in various orifices. ie. vaginas, mouths, asses, ears, pee-pee holes
wife-looks like u got a numb sausage
wife-well i'l get the poolboy
husband-ile join in the festivities
by jim dandy January 24, 2005
Guys who dress up like they’re at a rodeo to impress ho’s at the local country bar. Busch beer drinking, beer-muscle having, can’t get a woman off, Copenhagen all up in da teeth, chicken-shit, corn breed, cracker ass, country boys
Look at all these damn yeeha's dressing up like its's halloween tryin to get some ass.
by Jim Dandy May 11, 2004
A person or persons who touch male poo with thier genitals.
chad polzin is a poo toucher
by jim dandy November 04, 2004
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