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Used to describe the translucent jumbo rolls of "toliet paper" found is such places as hospitals, college dorms, bars, etc. It takes about 50+ sheets of "toliet paper" to wipe sufficiently & usually rips off one sheet at a time
I'm sick of using the √toliet paper to wipe my ass with at work, I may have to bring in a roll of charmin
by jifter November 06, 2010
Describes the type of male pattern baldness in which the top of the head is completely bald except for a ring of hair from ear to ear, much like gargamel on the cartoon series the smurfs. A gargamulllet is a similar style in which the individual would grow said hair into a pony tail, it is the equivalent to the skullet
That guy would be totallly hot if he shaved his head, but he has a gargamel ring.
by jifter November 09, 2010

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