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4 definitions by jibcheese

A place to relieve yourself of urine. Despite the existance of alternate terminology, a wise man noted their obvious flaws. He deemed "the loo" far too effeminate, "the toilet" far too boring and "the bog" far too vulgar for the feminine ear.

A male in the presence of females is therefore advised to use the term "Piss Parlour" as it gives off an air of masculinity with its use of the word "piss", whilst also masking the unpleasantness of the deed he is about to partake in with the use of the word "parlour". Studies undertaken by a wise man have shown that the female mind associates a parlour with happy thoughts of pretty things.
Girl: "blah blah blah yap yap yap"
Guy (full bladder): "hmmm thats right...hold that thought I need the Piss Parlour"
Girl: "Lovely, off you go then"
Guy (full bladder): *goes to piss parlour* "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!"
Guy (empty bladder): "yeah so you were saying?"
Girl: "blah blah blah yap yap yap"
by jibcheese July 28, 2011
working but in a very relaxed manner
working on a spreadsheet on excel and surfing facebook is an act of wolaxing. It is the opposite of chillaxing
by jibcheese November 19, 2010
Performing nonchalant, laid-back acts usually associated with Zohair Hassan a.k.a "Poogneesh". Performing "Poogneesh-esque" acts.
Dude O:Where's Poogs?
Dude N: Probably Poogin' around. What have you been doing?
Dude O: Poogin' around.
by jibcheese December 18, 2011
When you are in the presence of Mussaddeque Ahmed and he makes your cheeks ache by causing you to laugh excessively. His Number 1 fan, Mamoon Ahmed, finds himself perpetually Mussed and as such cannot close his eyes to sleep.
Mussaddeque: *His jokes cannot be accurately replicated in text*
Mamoon: *The loving laugh which cannot be accurately conveyed in text*
Jaker: You got mussed son.
Michelle: Muss you are so awesome I'm going to bake you a technical challenge.

Example 2:
Jaker: Mamoon are you awake?
*Mamoon is asleep but his eyes are open as he has been Mussed heavily during the day*
Jaker: OOOOOO he Got Mussed!
by jibcheese January 08, 2013