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being scene is not only a fashion statement, it's also a lifestyle. being scene means:
001. girl- short, choppy, black or bleach blonde hair.
boy- same except greasy and in eyes.
002. you go to shows, not concerts.
003. you love dinosaurs and robots.
004. girl- you have a headband to match every outfit.
boy- you must wear girl pants all the time.
005. you hate good charlotte and other poseur bands.
006. you often refer to yourself as gangster but NEVER consider yourself a wigger.
007. you have a myspace
008. in your myspace pictures you are making obscene faces and looking away from the camera.
009. you use words like...heart instead of love and woot when you are happy.
010. you often put x's at the beginning and end of words..ex)i xheartx that.
scene girl 1: "Oh my god. Before we go to the show, i need to iron on this cute dinosaur on my shirt. i heart from first to last."

scene girl 2: "i heart them too! woot! do you have a green headband i could borrow? i dont want to lose scene points, yo."
by jessieeee July 09, 2005

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