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To truely understand what one is, you have to be one. The way I see, there isn't an explaination/definition for what we are. All in all, is all we are.
1. We aren't ALL poor and scrubby. A juggalo/juggalette can and may as well be anyone walking down the street.
2. We are like one big family. How would you like it if I started talking crap about your family? (and you ask stupid questions like, "well if you don't care, why do you get angry at hater posts?") You'd be upset too.
3. We don't judge. We're not in your way. We live life the same way you do. We may not all have certain special luxeries as you do. But we get by, because we don't care. We don't need to take advantage of anything. We cherish everything we DO get, and live with it.
4. If you really want to understand. I strongly suggest you read the book, *Behind The Paint* written by Violent J (of ICP). I guarentee, even a hater would understand and show some love.
*i live for.. the carnival, i die for.. the carnival*
by jessie_the_juggalette September 25, 2006

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