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a cough developed because of smoking
person a-*cough cough cough*
person b- i told you get off that stuff, that's that smoker's cough
by jessica January 27, 2004
an EVIL PLACE where animals die everyday because the people hired have no idea whatsoever how to take care of animals. has had millions of lawsuits filed against them. petco should go curl up and die somewhere.. the problem is, where else is everyone going to get their pet stuff? (or pets?)
'did you see that thing in the paper about petco?'
'yea. i can't believe they found a bunch of starving guinea pigs and parakeets sitting in their own shit. i'm never going there again!'
by jessica February 23, 2005
kick ass songwriter/singer

was in the best band ever , Marvelous 3
i love butch walker *nod*
by jessica April 20, 2006
A reference to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck as though they are one person and not two. Most often used out of hate or disgust and about movies which star both of them.
Dude! Did you see the new really shitty Bennifer movie?
by Jessica November 26, 2003
having an erection, boner, causing pants to become tighter
My pants are tight now that i watchd that porno.
by Jessica September 09, 2003
A girl that does not date. Can also be barlowguy/dude/chick/chicklette/boy etc.etc.
Oh, she's a barlowgirl. She doesn't date. I wonder why.
by Jessica January 05, 2005
As a person who is rather familiar with the 'preppy' lifestyle I though I should clarify some of the definations in here.
A TRUE prep DOES NOT wear Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister ect. nor do they wear slutty or revealing clothes.
They DO wear Lacoste, Ralph Lauren Polo, Lilly, Brooks Brothers, L.L. Bean, North Face, Birkinstock and J.Crew. Sweaters are worn around the neck and collars are always popped. Ribbons are often worn as belts and/or in their hair. Girls wear little or no makeup. They love pearls. For boys, nantucket red khakis are a must. Some wear layerd polos.
Most preppies attend private schools (ie Tabor Academy) and then private colleges in New England.
Many live in the New England area (Massachusetts, Connecticut sometimes New York) Most people sterotype them to be rich and stuck up but this is mostly not the case. Most preps do not flaunt their money.
Sports include sailing (a must), golf, tennis, lacrosse, soccer and skiing.
Many prep families vacation in Vermont in the winter and Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard in the summer.
There are many 'wannabe' preps floating around today because they think it is 'cool.' Real preppies have been so since birth. They usually come form a long line of preps.
also see wasp
Elizabeth sighed, "They think they're 'cool' with their A&F polos and AE skirts." James agreed as he adjusted the sails on their sailboat.
by jessica December 28, 2004
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